Saturday, 24 May 2014

How To Become

Becoming someone, an individual with persona, is a process, not something that happens naturally, instantaneously or spontaneously.

In fact, all in this world, time, and race is made with intents to destroy our persona and make us be like the soldiers: a collectivity, not an individual.

When we are a collectivity instead of a person, we do things that we do not want to do, and things that may either traumatize or destroy us forever.

The cadet is told by the instructor that he has to keep on running to pass the exam.

The cadet is telling the instructor that he cannot run anymore, that he is not feeling well. Yet, as the instructor tells him to keep on running, that he is being lazy or acting like a fag or something, he decides to keep on running. 

He keeps on running and dies as a consequence.

Nobody will ever think that that is a big deal, since he was enrolled in the military school and was then being prepared to answer the war drums

Were he invited to a war, he could be dying on the first shot fired by the enemy, like that is what he is there for.

We, humanists (humanism, encyclopedia entry), believe that he should have rights and should be therefore an individual with persona: He is not a machine or a tool.

An individual with persona does not guide themselves by what the others are doing or saying: They act always (maximum effort) after thinking about what they will do and after analyzing all possible consequences to everyone involved and even to everyone and everything in general.

Anyone who has been part of the military circuit, not mattering for how long or in what situation, needs to go through reverse brainwashing processes in order to recover or build their persona, like there is no other way to become an individual again or start being.

We then tend to think that only those who have been to the military circuit would have to undergo reverse brainwashing processes to recover their persona.

Notwithstanding, why did you drink Coke, like ever (I Will Bet Your Soda Can Kill You!)? Why did you ever go to the movies to watch American actors if you are not in the United States of America and you do not speak their language? Why did you buy clothes from this specific shop or dental floss from this specific brand?

Why do you think you like blacks or you want to be around them if you are white?

Why do you think you would like to have what the whites have and be what they are if you are black?

Why is it that Africans should always be a target of human pity and generosity, but those who are so generous with them have relatives and neighbors that cannot eat or dress in the same way of those that they are helping in so distant lands?

Why do you think that denying a tip when the beggar asks is something evil?

All this is inserted in your head since you are little.

The list is never-ending.

It is obviously not natural for a white person to like blacks more than they like whites.

It is obviously not natural for an American to give money to the Africans and not help their own relatives.

Coke has a horrible taste, and it starts with the bubbles.

The bubbles make you burp and have that sensation of acid corroding things when you look inside of the liquid.

The absurdities involved in all we do daily are indeed never-ending.

Yet, we will never not even stop to think about them if not drawn into that by someone else.

All gets inserted in our mind in more ways than we can imagine: Our mother drinks Coke and we watch her. Our mother smokes and we watch her. A car passes us by with a sign and the colors are attractive. There is a black kid on the sign. It is associated with love and happiness. We visit the dentist's office and all magazines they have available have Tom Cruise on the cover. We turn the TV on and there is always something about the United States.

Brainwashing, and therefore criminal interference with our normal processes of inference, happens every day in our lives.

It is probably safe to utter that human beings suffer brainwashing during at least 50% of their lives on earth.

To nullify all that demoniac work is not easy. In fact, it is perhaps an impossible task.

Notwithstanding, with a few methods that be as strong as those used by the brainwashers, we can probably destroy a huge deal of that unfair extension of the ego (A New Model, Human Psyche, article, journal).

One of the things we can use is meditation.

During the meditation time, we listen to speeches that help us find vortices, for instance.

Vortices are concentrations of brainwashing forces, points that suck our persona in somehow, just like what scientists have said is done to us when we are close to a black hole (black holes, facts). It is just that we would be sucked as an organism in the case with the black hole, but we are sucked as a persona in the case of the vortices.

Everything we do involves studies that should be regarded as completely serious, something close to scientific studies: We will make notes, think deeply about it, and destroy whatever extends our original, natural, ego, but is not wanted by us.

Meditations are then the initial step of the stage Becoming.

Slowly, we progress inside of The Empire, and we then slowly go climbing to superior positions and situations.




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