Thursday, 15 May 2014

Intimacy And Governmental Responsibility

It is worth mentioning here that we have noticed that the issue of going from love to hate has a lot to do with availability of options, since a lot of people fear loving too much (amount of love crimes in the world, especially homicides).

If the other person, the one who is betrayed, had options in terms of partners, then the homicide, the serious crime, would probably not happen.

Having options obviously means having someone who is free and to whom they feel relatively attracted, sexually speaking, around them and wanting to be with them at that particular point in time. 

Oh, well, they also must be convinced that that is the case for the crimes not to happen.

Ideally, nobody would be disloyal with anyone else, especially in terms of intimacy.

Intimacy is what most matters for us whilst individuals, no doubts about it. 

Society should then, as a whole, care more about intimate relationships than about elections or education, for instance.




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