Thursday, 15 May 2014

The Righteous

A righteous person does not have much difficulty with attaching themselves to others, with falling in love, and etc. because being righteous attracts indeed all God’s energies: Everything is nice, and everything is beautiful or has a positive side to it.

The righteous live to build and admire the results of their own efforts.

The righteous live to respect and admire the results of others as well, and therefore to praise and applaud.

The righteous live to love themselves: their own natural heads, bodies, lives, human history, careers, and etc.

The righteous have complete lives, no matter what.

Of course, if the righteous suffer crime, then very little of what has been said could still apply: We are talking about a normal existence, without any criminal manipulation of their destiny.

The righteous may love one way more than they love the other, but they still love and make happy and are happy, so that it is not a big drama if they do not keep who could be seen as the love of their life, say the person who made them look happiest or who made the others think that they were a perfect couple.

The righteous want to live a life of no stress, and therefore plan all in advance to maximum amount of detail.

The righteous are happy in their world of perfection, where nothing and nobody is different from the expected.

The last thing a righteous person needs is other people interfering with their life: The righteous always know best and that is why everyone goes for them for advice.

Perhaps they will have moments of conflict, when they then seem to be equal to everyone else, but if they are left completely on their own, without anyone who actually helps, they will find the solutions themselves because God blesses exclusively them with any gift they want, especially wisdom.

They look inside of themselves and they find all the answers.

The Bible is like a witchery book: Whoever follows it, in what we could call common core (the only way to get to the message after so much crime against it), will have all that a person can have on earth in terms of luxury, comfort, blessings, and what could be seen as a reward.


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