Saturday, 24 May 2014

The First Weapon

The second weapon The Empire gives you is then MEDITATION.

Through it, you will start building or recovering your persona.

When you start in The Empire, your first step into the scale of infinite progression is the Vocational Investigations.

The second is Detachment.

In Detachment, you will do Become first.

The first weapon is called VOCATIONS.

You are therefore always inside of a war whilst in this world according to The Empire.

You need the weapons to defend yourself, to make sure you are yourself, and to progress.

The Empire has 33 levels.

When a member reaches the 33rd level, they are about to become an emperor.

When they start in the Church, they are called soldier.

A soldier simply obeys.

A soldier is in the process of becoming.

By the end of Become, a soldier will be a cadet.

Each caste has a certain list of authorities and privileges, and therefore the soldiers are, as in the army, those to have the least amount of entitlements as possible.

After you do Become, you will do Departure.

At this stage, you will leave your relatives behind, just like Christ did.

That is a necessity for you to fully become.

In your quest to become an individual with persona, your worst enemies will be your own relatives because from them you got most of the really harmful brainwashing.

Your emotional attachments, your social likes and dislikes, what you eat or think, what you do or produce, all might have an element of shared ego with a relative.

Rupture is a necessity because your gratitude, emotional attachments, legal attachments, and all other connections to those people will put you in a lower position than you would otherwise be in terms of commanding your own destiny.

The Empire helps you go through this transition without injuring anyone.

Your family then becomes our Church, and this is a family that will probably be much bigger than your original family, the genetic one.

In The Empire, you do not go after your past, so that if you have been raised by adoptive parents, for instance, you forget your original parents completely.

With all the learning you go through, you will be fully detached from anything and anyone that you did not consciously chose to be attached to by the time you get your third weapon.

The Empire is about you, you being yourself, you having a self, you being a persona, and is also about being inside of a community where everyone is a persona and is seen by you as one.

Notwithstanding, The Empire is also about never injuring members of the own empire, so that you can only be or become what is not harmful to our Church in general. 




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