Saturday, 24 May 2014

The Levels of The Empire

John 14:6

King James Version (KJV)
Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

However, upon further examining the evidence of astronomy and the life of Christ the most viable date for the death of Christ was A.D. 33. 


1 - Vocational Investigations (VI).

2 - Detachment: From ancestry and relatives in general, organic detachment, and others.

3 - Ahead and above: House of infinite development (always progressing and prospering).

4 - Anima: Elemental/basic forces.

5 - Projective being.

6 - Cocoon (my world): Cocoon of the Tethan.

7 - Experimentation: What makes me happy (notes and studies). What is happy? Maximum?

8 - Alike beings: Those who extract maximum happiness from the same items.

9 - Kamikaze: Deep into relationships, true bonds.

10 - Merit: Deserving what we have always (straightest door and others).

11 - Departure: Knowing the time to take off, and how to do it.

12 - Crises: Identity and others. How to deal with them. How to preserve your persona during those.

13 - God's justice system: Seek what is fair for you in the most rational way.

14 - Knowledge x Science: An awakening of the passion.

15 - Military: sublimation, self-sacrifice, discipline, and responsibility.

16 - Redirection: Redirection of energy. About studying causes for negative feelings, judging, and, if necessary, redirecting that energy to something positive. We then change will of killing, for instance, into will of rebuilding life.

17 - Sexual investigations (SI): observation, variety, theoretical simulation, size of organs, meanings, utility, and others.

18 - Freedom from brainwashing: Reversion upon noticing it.

19 - President: I am the President, game.

20 - I am the President, you are the President.

21 - I am the President, you are the President, and we are the presidents.

22 - All below God: Morality. It is all for God and all in God.

23 - Several books: Always adding, Bible.

24 - Write yours.

25 - Fasting, prayers, and requests.

26 - Your prayer, your rosary.

27 - Vehicle: Of God's energies. Authority in terms of morality and wisdom. Tethans minus extras.

28 - Self-punishment, mistakes, sins, and others.

29 - Spiritual Diary: A diary like all others, where we write every day. Also used to keep record of your ten good actions (rosary).

30 - Boundaries: What can/cannot be done, minimum distance from everyone, and others.

31 - Seek equals: Friendship and outer space, Tethan.

32 - Daily grind: Universal databases (your login and password). People learn from each other by detecting situations, conflicts, and etc. Exclusively for members.

33 - Emperors.




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