Thursday, 15 May 2014

The Righteous And You

Basically, if everyone went around with labels on them, say homosexual, pedophile, pervert, and etc., the righteous people would think that life is finally perfect in all senses.

All we want is knowing what the other is before we get involved with them.

The righteous do not have any time to spare: They are too busy making this world move, making things happen, and changing everything for the better.

They cannot afford wasting time with liars, idiots, and inferior people, especially morally inferior.

Nothing can injure the righteous more than having their efforts wasted criminally.

They occupy themselves since early in life with accumulating, and building, and they accumulate and build by means of sacrificing everything that has to do with pleasure and leisure.

They are very much like the ant, considering what is told about them in the children’s stories: They work really hard to have comfort and peace during the hard times instead of turbulence.

All this said, one must understand that love is finite in human kind, even if it is infinite in terms of spiritual world and God.

Nobody, not even our parents, should love unconditionally.

Love exists in the same shape and form for as long as the other presents themselves to us in the same shape and form: They change morally and we then reassess, as we are certainly entitled to do.

They talk a lot about networking in a commercial sense, in that sense in which the how does not matter, and the thing is selling.

They should talk more about relationships in an intimate sense, in that sense in which all that matters is the how instead.

People who are what used to be called evil in human kind in the past should learn that they are actually admired these days as if they were movie stars: People envy more the evil character, Heath Ledger’s character, than the good one, Batman. 

They can then finally be themselves in the open and, by simply being themselves in the open, they will save the life of plenty of us: builders, righteous people, those originally called the chosen ones or God’s people.

Sometimes, perhaps most of the time, we have nobody for our basic rights, but it suffices that we have a true partner, someone who really matches us, and not someone who we imagine matches us, and we succeed in enjoying our only life in this particular shape on earth to best that we can.

Those who lie intentionally, who pretend to be someone they are not in their intimate lives, should certainly be seen as the worst we have in our society and therefore should be the target for modern stoning (jail?).




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