Saturday, 14 June 2014

Achievement and the Three Spheres

So, Peter is wondering about how he could progress from his undergraduate in Marketing to a job with a famous pharmaceutical company.

At this stage, he FEELS that he would be an extremely happy member of the staff of this company, since he has already visited it several times, has friends who work there, his skills match perfectly well the profile for the job he wants, and he seems to love the functions of the position more than anything on earth, like he could definitely be performing those for the majority of his day with no problems during many years.

He made some queries and got to the conclusion that everyone who is now working at his dream company in such a job met a person who facilitated their access to the company inside of a famous social networking site.

His friends like him but seem to always say that it is impossible to help him get that job, that access to the managers is very reduced and etc.

He performed some investigations on the profile of those who got his dream job and found out that they are all continuously feeding others with information about the drug industry, like about the latest.

He also found out that they will be immediately accessible to him if he joins the social networking group.

He then joins the group and starts studying, as if it were a school task, the characteristics of those who got the job at his dream company. He is looking for common characteristics. 

Even though he does not want to lie, it is possible to mention things that make him be closer to those people in terms of what matters and not mention things that make him look more distant, which is what he is now thinking of doing (THINKS).

Through the networking site, he also got to know more those people who got his dream job and they delivered important information to him directly and indirectly (sometimes via their own websites and things like that).

He also had access to their original application materials.

He is now studying those (DOES).

Who would then think that Peter would not be getting his dream job in less than six months from now?

This is obviously because Peter has his three spheres in perfect alignment, nothing else.


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