Friday, 6 June 2014


As we can see in All Tied, children would have to be born with maximum amount of chance to survive, to receive an adequate upbringing, to have choices of all sorts, and etc.

None of this is possible with irrational procreation.

We must change our ways immediately.

A world that prefers public transport to cars in order not to increase the amount of pollution in the air has to prefer accreditation to be a parent and license to procreate over irrationality.

With this, people can finally go through courses and exams of preparation in order to gain accreditation to become a parent, as we all would like to see them doing.

We get prepared for infinitely more superficial things, such as handling food in a restaurant, and also for infinitely easier things, things for which intuition works quite well, and we also get tested to be accredited in those professions and sometimes to hold a license.

A candidate to parent has to, first of all, be a healthy person in all senses: What is the interest of society in terms of having a schizoid or a paraplegic procreating, please?

If we did not have human beings anymore, if our race were about to become extinct, then it is OK, we could perhaps accept that those procreated, but we have is an enormous excess of human beings of all types instead.

We create a poll to ask people whether they believe that who pays the costs of the birth of a new human being is only the parents or mostly them and we know that the answer will be a huge no, and that is like an absolutely guaranteed result.

We then must decide, as a society, whether we want a new being or not, for it would not be rational taking the inconvenience, paying for it, but having opposed what generated it with all our forces.

If we create another poll and ask whether people would like to be more involved than they are in the upbringing of our kids, we also know that the answer will be a huge yes, so that people do believe that the parents are definitely not enough to make a new human being be what we think they should be.

The Empire defends a rational process of selection of procreators, one in which people can ask to qualify and can be awarded the privilege of qualifying, but also one in which they can be refused that privilege.

How good is procreating? Is it really a privilege having another human being with your genetic code somehow?

Would it not be better living forever and being forever on a certain age, say fifteen years old?

Why is it that some of us feel this urge to procreate?

One of the reasons that The Empire acknowledges is an empty life, an empty existence (Level 33) or the absence of a persona (Level 6) inside of their body.

The more we are, the less we need to pass our existence to another person and the more we want it to be preserved, eternized. 

Another reason is absence of happiness (Level 7), achievement or progress of true nature (Level 3).

If we worried about preserving our genes, we could simply put them in a bottle and give to a sperm or an eggs bank, is it not?

The most solid argumentation in favor of procreating could be that of passing our knowledge to others.

Notwithstanding, we can pass our knowledge to the entire human kind instead of passing it to one or a few individuals, and that seems to be way greater than what we originally intended with what could be called selfish genetic preservation

The only rational argumentation to have kids would have to contain lines that imply inferring that the couple is so happily married, has so much love between themselves, that they believe they have enough to give to others and kids would be the most acceptable way of doing that.

The parental relationship is a relationship of altruistic nature from the end of the parents, and one must understand that it is about giving, not taking, as a first step to become an acceptable procreator.

On the other hand, it is a position of high social importance and as such should be seen: Those who procreate determine the world of tomorrow.

Only highly responsible and conscientious people can procreate: They must be examples of morality and compliance, since all we have jointly decided, in terms of rules, must be what we believe is the most rational set of limitations for the human actions on earth.

We also must have a special system in place, where everyone feels equally responsible for the upbringing of the newly born humans, to have an acceptable situation of procreation.

We should probably have a few married couples responsible for the upbringing of each kid, rather than one, since, this way, everyone can live their lives and raising those kids goes from hurdle to almost pleasure, and definitely, this way, starts being a social activity, rather than an anti-social one.

We then start talking about rational upbringing at this stage.




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