Friday, 13 June 2014

Cocoon Of The Tethan: Harmony

We find that harmony in human beings consists of juggling (Contact Juggling, Princeton), in a balanced and gracious manner, three spheres: feelings, thinking, and actions.

A human being who has chronic depression, for instance, could say I FEEL, but not I THINK or I DO, if they were fully aware of their observable processes. Boring and useless would be words that the other people would commonly use to refer to those.

A human being whose sentences are I THINK and I DO, but not I FEEL, would be perceived as cold, insensitive, and highly rational by others instead.

A human being who would not take any of them could be, for instance, a quadriplegic. Such a human being would probably equate plants in the minds of the vast majority of us.

It is all about weights we put in these balls: We can always make them heavier or lighter by moving them in a special way and creating the visual effect or by actually messing up with their physicality. 

The difference between making them lighter with movement and making them lighter physically is what the others see or feel: In the first case, they experience that newly introduced lightness, they feel it in their bodies somehow. In the second case, we feel the newly introduced lightness, not necessarily anyone else.

What really matters, in terms of achieving and progressing in this world, is how the others perceive us, not how we perceive ourselves or how we feel internally, so that to go up and ahead we really have to make the balls become lighter through our body movements or life strategies.

A human being who can say I do, but I do not think or feel, could be, for instance, a model or an actor: Self-centrism and selfishness are adjectives that other people would usually give them.

The art of being clean requires harmony between all these spheres. 

Part of having harmony is being assertive, and therefore never acting in disagreement with what we feel or think, if possible.

A human being who can do contact juggling with these three life spheres (do, think, and feel) in a way to attract crowds of interest, and therefore who can master giving them something attractive and sticky, probably has achieved both internal and external harmony. 

This human being probably has achieved Generalized Assertiveness


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