Saturday, 21 June 2014

Love and The Empire

It is probably not fair with anyone that people do not have sex before marrying, like even if we had a system in which we measured the size of the vagina, the size of the erect penis, the chemistry of the body odors and things like that, there is still a chance that both adults could not have a happy sexual life for one reason or another.

Would it be fair if we shared attention and were promiscuous by the time we start knowing another person?

The answer must also be no because we cannot trivialize sex: Sex will make us become one with another, will mix our body fluids and physicalities to maximum that they can be mixed.

The first thing that happens as a consequence of promiscuity is an increase of the levels of danger of having a nasty disease coming from the third party to the pure party.

However, the heaviest consequence is that the attention is shared and therefore we do not get to know the other person as much as we could, we do not get to be as involved with them as we could be.

We will also trivialize sex, since if love is not necessary, then we can have it with anyone.

That means that we will trivialize ourselves, for there cannot be anything more unique and priceless to us than our own body.

If we trivialize ourselves, we lose in persona, and therefore we lose in individuality.

The Empire is here to reinforce the persona of each one of us, not to take away its strength.

The Empire therefore strongly recommends that people do not have sex with anyone who they cannot keep for life with them.

The Empire also recommends that people have exclusivism of sexual nature when they date, partner or marry another person.

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