Friday, 13 June 2014

Relationships and the Three Spheres

Marcia loved Hamish. She thought of him quite a lot when they were not together, but her thoughts were all to the side of physicalities: Oh, how much I would like you to be here now… . Where are you?

Hamish loved Marcia. He thought of her when talking to his mates and he then would converse about what he thought that she wanted or had as moral paradigms, and things like that.

So far, in our story, Marcia is I FEEL and Hamish is I THINK.

Can we see that?

Joseph married Mary, mother of Jesus, even knowing that she was pregnant of someone else, not mattering if that someone else was a being like him, who therefore had the looks of humans, or another sort of being, say spiritual.

Joseph is I DO when he marries Mary, right?

Marrying Mary was an extremely generous action of Joseph, therefore an expression of love.

If we could put all these spheres together in harmony, we could have Peter, for instance, who discusses the character traits and possible wishes of Pauline with his mates, is trying to help her get the radio show she so much wants, and is so in love with her that he blushes and trembles when she is around.

Peter thinks, feels, and then does something coherent with his thinking and feelings. He also thinks about how to keep Pauline when he discusses her psyche and wishes with others, and therefore he thinks in coherence with his feelings.

We could then say that Peter is aligning his three spheres in a single direction

Because that brings harmony to all, he is being perceived as a person who loves Pauline and may therefore be a suitable partner.

If Peter were unable to pass this impression, his natural rivals could feel more motivated, for instance, to try to steal Pauline from him.

Whenever we are not whole in what we do, that is, our feelings and thinking do not go together with our moves, we have a much higher chance of failing and a much higher chance of being misunderstood.




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