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Sometimes we feel as if we are stuck with a situation that is not wanted, say a bad partner who is injuring us badly in all that most matters. For some reason, we cannot depart the place where we live with them.

Sometimes things are so difficult in those regards that we yell for help and suffer to the point of expressing very confusing thoughts to others.

Even though we cannot fully understand the processes that we go through, in special those that lead us, fully formed adults, to need help to depart from somewhere, those processes are usually screaming at us.

It may be that we see in that partner the figure of our mother, for instance, who was perhaps our only carer when we were not yet ready to take care of ourselves.

A mother can cater for all our housing needs, say bills, cleaning, cooking, washing, and others, and she does not need to make us company, converse with us from equal to equal or have sex with us.

A mother is a provider.

So is a father or a person who does all that for us when we are on the way to become adults.

That horrible partner can then play with our feelings and our psychiatric/psychological daemons in such a way that we will never leave them.

Zillions of unhappy marriages are kept for the entire life of the individuals because of things like that.

Sometimes the woman tries suicide as soon as the man says that he wants to leave her.

Sometimes the man offers a more comfortable home, more money or more status to the woman (proposes marriage, suggests that they move to a more expensive neighborhood, and others).

When we accept such deals, we go through a process that is similar to selling our soul to the devil, since we will have life taken from us in exchange for goods that are commercial, but our lives are not something that can be measured with commercial goods.

We lose tremendously simply for agreeing with one of those.

We have to be able to notice the situation and align our three spheres (3 spheres, practice3 spheres, practice too) in such a way that we say no and that is a permanent no.

It is hard because, as said before, the other may even come up with a suicide attempt, and the consequences may as well be that they die and their entire family and all our acquaintances and even others blame us for all.

We obviously have some responsibility over the life of the other with whom we decided to mix on a voluntary basis.

Our responsibility however cannot include the sacrifice of our priceless items, such as time, age, life partnership opportunities and life itself.

Cutting off bonds is never easy: It takes a lot of hard work to establish and keep an intimate relationship.

Both would have done that.

Society puts a lot of work into accepting that relationship and respecting it as well.

Failure is never an easy thing to deal with and departing implies recognizing failure: It is a lot of investment that actually did not return the expected.

There is only one way of departing if such a situation arises: Forever. 

We cannot ever look back because looking back at it, having contact with that person, will make us fall into the same emotional traps again.

Whenever we have what we shall call the cared’s reasoning, we should do the impossible to get rid of the relationship because this is the most harmful thing we can do to ourselves: That is not our carer, those to whom we owe our perfect head, body, and life. That is what should be our partner, but turned out to be an enemy.

This person is hurting us so badly that we see it clearly: They may be reading our e-mails illegally, without ever admitting that they are, they may be having parallel relationships and never admit that they do, and others.

This person is a no no.

Only by letting them go off our heart, mind, and soul can we try to find a true partner.

We can only truly relate when we put our entire self into the attempt to do so.

Turning our backs on someone and departing is not as unholy as one may think, since zillions of humans claim to love Jesus, and he told us to leave our own parents, possibly forgetting them forever (Leaving parents, Bible).

Unholy is remaining there and keeping the appearances of a relationship that either never existed or does not exist anymore: Lying to society is a very unholy thing to do.

Lying to ourselves ends up being even worse.

The consequences of keeping that going may as well be kids and there is no worse sin we could be committing because those kids will be born without having a true family to count on.

The minima consequences are that our years will be gone and therefore our opportunities.

There are plenty of people on earth in need of a true partner. There shall be someone for us out there, someone more suitable.

That bad partner has to grow, evolve, and if they kill themselves in the process, so be it. That is probably better than injuring more people.

We cannot be friends with them because they play with our emotions in such a way that we feel guilty in abandoning them when everything that they do is injuring us in all that matters.

They are not our friends, first of all. We may be their best friends, and we probably are, since we care so much about their feelings that we do not want to disappoint them: We feel that nothing in that relationship works for us or very little does and, even so, we cannot simply leave them because they keep on saying and proving to us that they need us, want us or whatever.

We actually care about them more than we care about ourselves, but they do not give a damn to us because we are being injured in all by them, so that we are the equivalent to their best friends and they are the equivalent to our worst enemies.

We do not want any contact with enemies. We want to keep maximum distance from them.

We then go and do that (feel, think, and do: Three spheres).

Once we depart, we make sure that there is no more contact between us and them, especially face to face contact, since we have an emotional problem with them and they can, and will, manipulate us at all times.

They grow, they change, wonderful, but that change cannot be enjoyed by us because they have already learned that they can disrespect us to maximum degree and nothing happens: Their change will be enjoyed by someone else, if anyone ever enjoys it. 

We then let go.

Nothing about them matters. What matters is forgetting them forever, closing the door.

We can only enter the next apartment if we leave the one we are in, basically, and we have to leave it in full, with our entire being, that is, definitely with our entire body.

All of us must be out of the apartment for us to be able to state that we really entered the next one.

We must really remember that.

We also must, as every responsible adult, close the door to keep the property of others, and that is what it is: The property of others.

Now, that has nothing to do with us, and we then forget all.

If that person comes back to us and wants to talk about their problems, we must tell them to see a psychologist. 

Let us recall that they did not care about the problems they created for us, and they did create them. 

We have never created problems for them, more than likely, and we probably solved some instead, for we were always after the diamond pot, the lifetime partnership. 

We deserve better.

Then let's close the door forever, shall we?

Let's put cement on it and stop it from being a door.

If things get weirder, we get an intervention order, but we do not let the heinous past, which we never contributed to, destroy our future or our present: We have done all that we could for our couple to be a true couple and therefore we owe nothing.

We may owe to our parents, to our carers, but, to them, we owe nothing.

There is no price for true love, for true companionship, for a lifetime partner, and therefore we have given them the diamond pot from the end of the rainbow, that is, what everyone thinks is priceless and rarest.

They have given us hurt, injury, and loss in exchange.

It really does not matter what they did: paid our bills, proposed to us in a cinematographic scene, told us they loved us in a squash court with their hand over their heart during a championship, which is the most important thing for them on earth, and etc., for everyone should do almost anything for true love. That is the priceless asset.

We have given them true love, so what could we possibly owe them?

They owe us and owe us from first second of disloyalty.

They owe us for life from first second of disloyalty.

Most of the people on earth would do anything at all even for one second of true love, and that is the truth.

We have given them one day, one month, one year or whatever of what no money can buy.

What have they given us? Some public demonstration of excellent acting skills? The so trivial money, which everyone has got, even if it comes from Centrelink? A house to stay in, which the government would have given us if we did not have anyone else to provide and could not provide to ourselves?

Do we have sex with the government or live with them because they give us money and housing?

Do we stop living and sacrifice our wishes and desires for them because they give us that?

No, we don’t.

We watch a movie and feel as if Tom Cruise is with us in bed, living with us, loving us in all ways at night every day, and etc. And now, do we owe Tom Cruise something?

For the illusion?

That is what a public scene with no true meaning for those who make it is: A commercial movie that makes us experience sensations that cannot ever become carnal.

By closing and cementing that door we are saying I grew up, I am over it, I think, therefore I am.

We have to close it and feel good about it because we are one of the so few who did not disgrace their lives forever over a really bad partner.

The Empire helps individuals who suffer from the syndrome of emotional dependency depart places and leave people behind, for it understands that the worst problem is not really start to relate, but stop relating instead.

The most important thing in this world is probably our intimacy, our own bodies, and what we do voluntarily with them: Our bodies are the home of our spirits.

Our sex is sacred because orgasms are a bit of a connection between this world and life in it and the spiritual world and God.

We wish for clean sex, non promiscuous, because we wish for a truly and correctly integrated world, where we can trust others.

We can only trust families if they are for real because deceit in our intimate lives will lead to deceit everywhere else.

Our homes are our most basic cell of support: Any instability there will lead to instability everywhere in our lives and world.

An Empire member who is in the advanced level of membership would know how important clean sex and holy spirit are. They never add to the pollution on earth: They clean all wherever they go.




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