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Recipe to Have God Speaking to You

Certain things would always remain above our vain philosophy, as plenty have already said.

Certain things would always come to us by means of tradition, culture or habit.

We know something works, we are gregarian, and we then pass that knowledge onwards as we can.  

We read in the entire Bible that God cares about our heart, however: Our heart must be pure when speaking to Him.

Unless each language on earth were attached to a certain level of human development, it does not make sense that God would have allowed this diversity of languages to exist, is it not?

Because we do admit that God's people have appeared amongst the totally miserable, with languages that are universally considered hard to be learned, people like Ghandi (Ghandi) and Mother Theresa (Mother Teresa), and have also appeared amongst the totally wealthy, with languages that are universally considered easy to be learned, such as Mary Mckullop (amongst the wealthiest) and St. Patrick (wealthy family, Saint Patrick), we know that our original language has little or nothing to do with spiritual evolution or level of connection with God. 

The last time we heard of God speaking face to face with humans was when Christ was alive. Since back then, all we get is inspiration and indirect messages.

We must assume that God spoke the language of those He communicated with when He appeared to them face to face.   

Well, then this language seems to definitely be Hebrew or the cheap version of Hebrew, which is Aramaic (Hebrew for elite), the dialect they say Christ spoke.

Each piece of the Bible where God is told to have spoken directly to human kind seems to talk about people who spoke Hebrew (God spoke) and the Bible itself was originally written in Hebrew, apart from a few pieces, which were written in Greek (Greek and Hebrew).  

It would be expected that God spoke to us via inspiration or indirectly if God could only speak Hebrew, right?

In any hypothesis, what counts is our heart being pure, that is, our intentions being genuine, when we speak to God. God sees our hearts only. In modern language, one could say that God senses our vibes, that is, that God reads our emanations when He speaks to us.

If communication with God happens through emanations, then we should worry about concentrating on making those emanations be as holy and pure as possible.  Any negative feeling will make the emanations not be as good as they could be.

We repeat words to keep emanating the same energy and to mark that energy in our heads as the good one. 

We make sacrifices, especially in terms of eating and drinking, because most of our foods are not natural, even when they seem to be as natural as they could be, say fruits, since we make use of several artificial elements to get them on our table, say pesticides, compost, and etc.

We also make sacrifices because deprivation of basic items makes us be humbler than the usual and we want to be as humble as possible when speaking to God.

In the Bible, when people wanted the forgiveness of God, and therefore His gifts once more (Job and God's gifts (last lines)), they dressed in rags and humiliated themselves to an extreme. They put themselves available, listened to God's orders, and followed them. They also worshiped God.

We spend three days fasting, and during these days we are allowed to at most drink water and take medicine (may be vitamins). During these days we pray at least once a day the rosary with all faith we can possibly have. Our heart must be pure, what means that our three spheres align perfectly well.

We ask God one main favor using our ancestors as intercessors.

One favor for each three-day sacrifice.

If our heart is pure and our faith is huge, if our sacrifice is understood as a sacrifice by God, and if our words please God, then we will get our favor by the end of the third day.

The rosary we pray is The New Rosary (The New Rosary and Hardcover, New Rosary).

If we cannot locate any ancestor who we believe was a God's person, we may borrow an ancestor from someone else, but the person has to agree that we do that for it to work, since they need to ask their ancestor to help us. 

Perhaps that is what Jesus meant when he said that nobody goes to the father that be not through him: He could serve as intercessor to any of us and we could simply ask him directly to use him. 

This page allows you to leave a remark on it. Please come back and write your full name, where you are, and the size of the miracle attained if you go through these processes and achieve the miracle you have requested. We are sure that figures speak per se. 

God does not fail. Only we do.             





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