Saturday, 8 November 2014

The New Rosary: How to Ask

The Empire advises its believers to communicate with God through the New Rosary: The New Rosary

The little prayers book brings all details on how to do it, but The Empire advises a three-day fasting, complete fasting (only water, if possible), for a great favor. A rosary in hands and saying the New Rosary at least twice a day during fasting and we should get the grace of hearing from God somehow.

God does like us better if we do something really special for Him, to show maximum respect, humiliation, and good will. 

The Bible describes people dressing in sackcloth whilst asking God to forgive them, to give them something, and etc.

The Empire does expect believers to follow all that ritualistic sequence when trying to speak to God directly. 

We should not ask God for much, so that that also helps us make fewer requests to God.

It is recommended that believers do the fasting when staying at home, like exclusively at home, say because of a holiday or something. It is important that it be a sacrifice, therefore a sacrifice of everything that we can see as relevant: work, food, drink (apart from water), pleasures, and etc.

Pray for The Empire to be a solid, reliable, and blessed institution, pray for you to comply with God's rules, and pray for the welfare of God's people. 

Pray to learn to be here and beyond at the same time and to do things because in the end of the day, it is between us and God, not between us and other humans (Mother Theresa's words).

If possible, sing your prayers, and try to make your sounds be harmonious, just as if there were a harp playing them: God does like when we sing.




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