Friday, 29 May 2015

The Methods of Supremacy and Domination

There are, basically, four ways in which we dominate peoples or places:

1) Brute Force: We just do it physically. We attack people physically, even if by means of highly advanced technological weapons, and subjugate them by means of force. 

2) Mata Hari sort of approach: We dominate via seduction. In this approach, what really matters is making an initially uninterested individual have an abnormal amount of interest in us. There are several ways to do that. One way is the words we use, our discourse (Hitler's way, what we call domination by means of positivistic discourse), another way is what we present through what is physical (Trojan Horse), and yet another way is what we offer (fully unselfish and gratuitous pleasures, so say instantaneous unconditional love or adoration, sexual subjugation on a voluntary manner, and etc.). A native from Rio de Janeiro, for instance, can drive a lot of men crazy. They would offer unconditional love straight away, allied with sexual pleasure. When we say sexual pleasure we are usually not referring to love, since that would be love, as in making love. We are referring to mechanicism and physical actions that may generate some return that is non-negligible in terms of sexual pleasure. It is obviously weird that any human being would fall in love with us for no reason. Human beings need reasons to fall in love with others, so say courtship. It is obviously not the case that the person was ever in love with us, therefore, just for starters. Human beings who only give, so say they perform oral sex with us but do not expect us to do that for them, are a creation of our imagination. Every human being is after something when giving something. It might be that they do not demand that we serve them sexually in the way or level that they serve us, but the price might then be our life, our Country, and others. 

3) Brainwashing: We dominate via subliminal messages, via positivistic discourse that is repeated by means of meaningful tokens, and others. The populists, such as Hitler, used this method a lot. The Catholic Church has dominated the Brazilian Indigenes like this as well. 

4) Outnumbering: We dominate via figures in the location. This is the sort of domination used by the black people in the USA, for instance (Brooklyn, East New York (part B) was white in the past and now, both in 2000 and 2010, has more than 50% of its population formed of blacks. The percentage is increasing. See Brooklyn).

Upon identifying how domination occurs, both in terms of one people over another and in terms of a group of people over one people, we can start thinking about how to avoid being dominated.

To address the problem number 1, we could obviously invest all we can in Science and in being always on the forefront of the technological innovations. Information should also be held by us in highest amount as possible, and, if possible, with exclusivity, so that nobody has the weapons or the strategies we have.

To address the problem number 2, it does not suffice being faithful to our partner; we have to be righteous. Just like what we told Trevor Skinner in the end of 2001, we should value the trivial but reliable. About Schmidt (About Schmidt) was about a movie we described to Trevor in part, like we invented that, but they did not make it exactly as we said. We actually proposed that Jack Nicholson played the main role because LMR loved his acting and perhaps him. In fact, he had some physical similarity with her husband. We were then thinking of LMR and her life with the husband when proposing that. It was supposed to be an ODE to her. We were giving those ideas to Trevor, which we knew were worth zillions of dollars, because we were convinced that righteous he was not, given the way he appeared in our life and what those women, from Melbourne, had done to put him in it, for instance. A honest/righteous person does not usually have the right ideas on how to deal with marginals and win, but that was our best idea. We were worth millions of dollars because of our intellect/creation/ideas and we then decided that we could spare those seven (about seven) ideas that we personally gave to Trevor that year. What was missing in that movie, however, was actual value for the woman. We described a woman who lived for her home and husband, but had originality and talent, so she would, for instance, create, design, and build a dolls house for her daughter herself. We described a woman  who loved knowledge and information but felt a bit frustrated with her absence of skills in Mathematics, for instance, more for being too demanding of herself than for being really incompetent. Perhaps for being traumatized by the school system and bad professionals/environments. We described a woman who really loved and had her world revolving around her husband. The movie portrayed a woman without persona, without any trace of personality. It also portrayed a woman without creativity. What really appears as important is the figure of the husband, but the idea was precisely the opposite. The idea was using the movie as an instrument of justice, to create awareness and consciousness. If possible, also gratitude and acknowledgment of meaning. By creating movies to value the not so ordinary in terms of feminine virtues, as they used to do in the past, we are inculcating the idea of love for the persona, for the individual, and sex because of love for the individual, like to express it, to express the deepest love as possible. We need to value the ordinary and talk about the so many threats to our ordinary lives, so say our home peace. The threat is the third party, the intruder, who will, for instance, create disagreement where there is agreement. We need to tell people what to do to keep the intruder away. This not only in the movies, but everywhere possible.

With the third item, there is only Science. There is no way on earth we, as individuals, can find out every possible instance of brainwashing and deal with them properly. It has to be a group thing and it can only work through Science. Again, we need to create mechanisms of reversion/nullification of brainwashing, on top of mechanisms of identification and vetting. 

With the fourth item, there is only control via assassination or procreation or entrance procedures, so that we would need to eliminate the possibility of being outnumbered by either periodic homicide or forceful sterilization or denial of entrance. 

Whoever dominates will obviously rule and, therefore, will tell us how to live and what to do. Their moral paradigms will become our laws and that is why this is of fundamental importance for all of us.

We want The Empire to have supremacy wherever we, members of the church, are, so that this is of fundamental importance and tells us how not to get our principles nullified in practice, which is what most happens in human kind these days (entire democratic/capitalist societies have written down their rules in meaningful documents, say their constitution, and, yet, their strongest laws are breached, so that violation of human rights of the most basic type happens for even more than twenty years in their lands). 

Life is A WAR. It is not the strongest who will persevere, but the most logical, rational, and united. It is not the most generous and understanding that will persevere, in what comes to dealing with other peoples, but the most defensive and biblical (first test their hearts, their souls, their intentions, and, therefore, their MORALITY. We suggest testing morality through psychometric exams). It is not those who know the most that will persevere, but those who can tell a friend from an enemy. It is not those who blindly sacrifice themselves in the name of the collectivity that will persevere, but those who individually have reached the same moral beliefs, like those who have consciously chosen that same set of moral principles as their actions filter. 

Cariocas, for instance, one of the most enduring peoples on earth, who usually succeed in manipulating peoples and locations, have a negativistic discourse: All is bad. Human beings are intrinsically bad. We have once spoken about this here. The reason for our susceptibility is more rational than anything else: We are brainwashed with what we could call righteous people's discourse (that doing good pays, that we must do good first to receive good, that we must forgive, and etc.). In Logic, it suffices one counter-example for us to know that a claim involving generalization cannot be true. Because of that, the carioca always wins: It is one day in the life of the righteous cop, for instance, on which the cop passed the red lights knowing that he was doing that. As said in Mistake Time, this day will ALWAYS happen. If the reason is eliminated from the discourse, however, as every demoniac person does to the Bible (they omit parts of it, so that we believe it is all absurd), we are left with a sentence that is true and favors the demoniac. We are then logically driven to believe their discourse. That is when Action Cards becomes important: Escaping Logic when we direct ourselves to others. We simply say This Is Not OK

A carioca, and it suffices one, is an individual able to turn anywhere, anyone, into demoniac. They make use of demoniac negativistic discourse, and, therefore, of brainwashing. They make use of weapons, and, therefore, brute force. They make use of Mata Haris, and, therefore, seduction, say their naked shaking bodies dressed as peacocks, and they make use of outnumbering. This Is Not OK is a resource we can easily use. 

Because LIFE IS A WAR, we obviously need all resources we can get, and this is then JUST ONE MORE. 




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