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It Is More Like Prove that God Did Not Do It

Just as "God is in no sense the author of the fact that the triangle has three angles," so "not even God can be the author of [the laws of] morality" [Kant, 1963a, p. 52, ed.].

(Some Questions of Moral Philosophy, Hannah Arendt)

Frequently our creations are well beyond our own understanding, so say when the Egyptians came up with the process of building the pyramids or mummifying the corpses. The own Egyptians have decided to explain that through correlations with the divine.

We actually need to prove that it was not a divine entity, so say a spirit, who inspired us, who gave us our creation, so that things are the other way around: We obviously cannot assume that our creations are ours and take that to be an axiom. It is obviously way more likely that instead of an apple falling from the tree and Newton, because of the apple, coming up with his theory, he got it all from some form of spiritual communication, is it not?

Anima Est (Pinheiro) is about the possibility that we are all in contact with the spiritual world on a daily basis.

How did M. R. Pinheiro get to find out the mistakes with Ontological Paraconsistency so quickly? With one sentence, she got Dr. Prof. Graham Priest, with 100 papers listed in the Philosophers’ Index in 2000, to wonder: It is obviously a different perspective for each one of the situations you describe, so that there is nothing happening at the same time.

How did M. R. Pinheiro solve The Sorites Paradox, which, according to Dr. Prof. Dominic Hyde, was his own life, so quickly? With one sentence and a lot of conversations, she got Dr. Hyde convinced that she had solved the problem that tormented philosophers for a few millennia: This problem belongs to language, to the lexicon makers, and they have already solved it.

How did M. R. Pinheiro find out the historic mistakes of Prof. Dr. Sever Dragomir, with 500 papers listed on the MathSciNet in 2001, so quickly? A simple mistake that was repeated over and over in almost all his work: Variables that became constants that became variables again when dealing with integrals.

How did M. R. Pinheiro find out the shape of S-convexity in five minutes whilst calculating at her desk at VUT? Prof. Dr. Sever Dragomir was working with the concept for good thirty years when he, for the first time in his career, got an answer, and a very immediate and clear one, to his query about the shape of S-convexity: It was a nice, smooth, curved line.

How did M. R. Pinheiro find the mistakes with Comellas et al. calculations so quickly in that 2002? How did M. R. Pinheiro succeed in changing the path of his investigations with her work? How did M. R. Pinheiro come up with the best model so far for human networks that describe disease spread, and, because of that, a new graph, Starant?

How did M. R. Pinheiro, absolutely hating ODEs, and Applied Mathematics, having horror of her supervisors,  and suffering so much crime, crime ALSO practiced by the supervisors, found out the mistakes with Tam’s mathematical description of the model, a new model for the nonisothermal case, and an obvious simplification that led to an easy solution in such a short time (less than six months) in that 2002?

How did M. R. Pinheiro solve the Russell’s Paradox, a problem that bothered her since it was first presented to her during primary or secondary school?

How did M. R. Pinheiro solve Zeno’s Dichotomy?

M. R. Pinheiro herself has no other answer: It was God. I please God, do the best that I can, walk His ways, and get the blessing. My heart is pure and my soul is clean. I keep my body as clean as I can by not polluting it on a voluntary basis with any artificial depreciator (alcohol in excess, soft drinks, drugs, sex without love or intents to love, and etc.).

That is all the requirement that God imposed upon us for maximum amount of blessings: A pure heart and a clean soul. This DOES INCLUDE a clean body for our body is told to be THE HOUSE OF OUR SOUL.

M. R. Pinheiro got these blessings because there is nothing that is more important to her than knowledge, information, and Science in what goes beyond our bodies and rights. God gave her the greatest achievements of all there.  She did what He wanted, He then paid back.

M. R. Pinheiro may be suffering atrocity, really serious crime, but perhaps that all makes sense somehow in the mathematics of God. Perhaps it is the Final Judgement and she was the person with purest heart and cleanest soul in that 2002, when she got the message of God in her hands. God would not let her life or body be destroyed criminally for a trivial reason. There is sense either in the overall or on each step of the process. Faith keeps her going ahead and upwards. Her heart celebrates any small achievement because she has God. Mother Theresa gave us the right advice: It is between us and Him, like we simply forget human kind when we need to do it and do the right thing despite their existence.

It may be that it is not fair that M. R. Pinheiro suffer crime, since she is a God’s person, but because she is a God’s person, she owes God since her birth. She was probably destined to a bad birth and a cursed upbringing, but God kept her going and growing and developing into a wonderful woman, with a wonderful body, one of the most powerful minds ever on earth, able to literally destroy our top researchers with one sentence in their dearest theories. This all went until that end of 2001, until Trevor. Since then, she seems to be the creativity in human kind, for literally hundreds of original ideas, worth millions of dollars, have been stolen from her since Trevor, starting with some seven given directly to him in that 2001. 

God is not good. He never said He was good. That was an invention of Christianity. God charges us extremely heavily.

M. R. Pinheiro sinned, for she made a voluntary promise to never go back to Brazil when she was in the airplane to Australia in 2000. She said: My God, thank you so much that I am leaving this savage place without a scratch to my body. I will never come back.

M. R. Pinheiro came back at least once before she got her doom, so that God still gave her more than the usual, which is no chance, as a prize for her supreme capability of sublimating all her strongest desires and renouncing all her strongest natural calls in the name of the common good, that is, in His name.

M. R. Pinheiro heard her mother say that we simply consider married men cancer; we just think like that. It works. So she has done her entire life: Her sexual desire disappears instantaneously as soon as she finds out they have a partner, she swears to God. They will always have to first drop the partner to then be considered by her as a possible partner.  

Her grandmother told her to always do the right thing at any expense because God would be watching.

She so does since little: She sacrifices all her wills all the time in the name of doing the right thing.

God never gave a second chance to any biblical character: They disobeyed Him once and they got punished. All His curses are told to have lasted for many years. Twenty is the number in M. R. Pinheiro's mind from what she remembers, and she would have something in her memory from when she studied the Bible page by page, a study that took her an entire year.

God GAVE HER a second chance. It is all very unfortunate. She did go back to Brazil ALSO in that 2003.

She had all the hints of the intuition, which, in her case, is the spiritual world, not to answer that call in her Charnwood Road apartment, and not to do that at any expense, not to go to Brazil, at any expense, to come back to Australia as soon as she arrived in Brazil at any expense, and etc.

She simply did not follow those calls because she was using, like Kant, her rationality. She got confused for becoming a Seicho following the Catholic Bible and using a procedure for help she got from it and finding out she was praising Amaterasu. She was told by a female Japanese college fellow that it was actually several gods in the little song of Seicho, several deities, so that she felt like the worst of the sinners. She then decided that her intuition and the messages that came to her could not be holy, and that is when she decided not to follow them. It is all very unfortunate.

God does not appear to us since the time of Jesus Christ, so that inspiration through the spiritual world is all we are ever going to get until things change and things will only change if human kind changes radically once more.

We do need to stop accepting things that are unholy as if they were OK, as a first thing.

God sent M. R. Pinheiro to Seicho, what means that He little cares about the name of the god we say. It is indeed in the entire Bible that God cares about our intentions, our hearts, and also about our souls (clean bodies, clean souls). It is actually possible that God is all gods we believe in somehow. 

M. R. Pinheiro can still walk, sit, talk, think, and etc., actually even achieve a bit, but we can assure you that no human being who has ever existed, apart from perhaps those biblical characters, would be able to do these things having gone through what she has gone through since that end of 2001. She is the own miracle. Jesus said that he was here so that we would know we would now only reach God through him, that is, through the spiritual world (I will raise from the dead, I will wake my apostles after death, and etc.). M. R. Pinheiro is here so that you believe in God once more. The Christ and the Anti-Christ, the end of the curse. If you all believe, God might come back face-to-face once more. 




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