Monday, 6 July 2015


John Rawls, according to Barbara, mentions that Hume said that

We do not infer a character to be virtuous, because it pleases: But in feeling that it pleases after such a particular manner, we in effect feel that it is virtuous.

It is obviously not true that virtuous people please others: They do not please not even themselves. They obviously would like to, for instance, kill others quite a few times. Pleasant would have been killing.

Virtue is definitely not about pleasing others or ourselves: Virtue is about the common good. We sacrifice everything in the name of the common good. A virtuous person is the most generous person on earth, and, the price of virtue is eternal and infinite sacrifice on each and every step.

A virtuous woman will miss having a man like nothing on earth and yet will not accept having anything with the man who she knows has another woman.

A virtuous man will have an erect penis and will refuse the body of a woman who is not his partner even if she physically and sexually assaults him with her body.

Virtues are painful not only for those who have them, but for those who have to watch them being displayed.

There is realistically only one sense in virtue, and that is the common good, the welfare of the whole, the thinking of maximum possible development, what includes scruples.

Virtuous people are admirable in the sense that a hero or a martyr is: Almost nobody would do the things they do for the reasons they do, but everyone understands that is a really noble choice, a truly generous choice, which does benefit human kind as a whole.

A man will not give away a military secret of his Country and will be mutilated, will have his penis amputated: What he is doing is noble, benefits his entire Country, but, an individual woman, who could be interested in him sexually, will think that is one of the most painful things she has ever been through. She will however understand and admire him. Reality is he is not a man anymore after that, but his Country has been preserved. That is virtue.

Basically, there is no virtue without pain, and a lot of pain, for all involved. No pleasure whatsoever, just pain, but one would say necessary pain, rational, and admirable.




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