Saturday, 8 August 2015

The Human Body

Our bodies are God’s gifts to us and as such should be seen and treated, so that they are not here to entertain anyone else, first of all: They are our tool to enjoy human life, this world, and everything else; they are our ultra-personal  tool.

Our bodies are the home of our souls, as Maria Ribeiro Ricci used to say, so that they should be cleanest and purest. They should be our most protected assets, especially in terms of privacy and property.

We should never dance to seduce or entertain people, for instance.

We use our bodies to show love for the other, to receive the display of love of the other, but we should never use them to entertain other people. The reason as to why they should look the best that they can look is just because everything has to be done to praise God, to make our bond with Him be stronger, and therefore we must always offer God the best that we have. The soul is part of God and our body keeps it whilst we are alive, so that it should be the best that it can be to praise God.

The reason why we should not do drugs is because they deprive us from the full command of our bodies and we may then let our bodies be used for the purposes of another person, and those purposes may not be holy, so say they rape us or they do funny things to our face with makeup and etc.

The reason why we should not consume alcohol in excess is the same. We can however consume a bit of alcohol and sometimes have it in excess if we are sure we are in the company of our partner, since that is a person we decided we could trust. If we are at home, and think home is safe, and it is just us and our partner, then we can, provided all is under control, so that if we have to wake up early to go to work, we are sure that we can do that. This is what the cops have called responsible drinking.

The reason why we should abstain from trying to use alcohol in general is because we may be alcoholic and we have no means to tell until it is too late. It is almost impossible to get rid of such a dependency and it will ruin our lives, careers, and bodies.

The same applies to drugs, but drugs damage our organisms immediately, so that they are a bit different from the alcohol.

As another point, we just need to lose control once to crash or to kill somebody. We are usually absent-minded in moments of relaxation, so that we will be increasing our amount of negligence by much if making use of those things and it suffices once for us to do something really bad to ourselves or others.

With the drugs, we never know the reaction we may experience and using them once may lead to death: Lots of people have committed suicide upon first intoxication by drugs.

Once more, there is no way to know in advance what is going to happen to us after consuming such an artificial product.

With alcohol, the consequences are more predictable, and that is another reason to tolerate alcohol a bit more than we tolerate drugs.

A normal cigarette will harm other people and ourselves instantaneously, so that we should condemn smoking more severely than we condemn the use of alcohol in the same way we did with the drugs.

We should always try to keep our bodies in shape because anything else is more unhealthy and, once more, we do that to praise our Lord, who gave us such wonderful tools to experience life here.

When we have sex, we should always target at maximum love through and with it, since it is a piece of God somehow and as such it should be treated. The more respect we have for it, the better for the entire world, since not respecting our bodies also brings injury to human kind.

We should also target cleanness and health, so that our sex should be heterosexual and faithful.




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