Tuesday, 8 September 2015

The Empire is about Science

The Empire is about knowledge. We try to always progress. We are, therefore, always open to scientific findings and studies. It is just that we must analyze them all with deepest amount of criticism as possible: we try to maximum to enter the reasoning of that trying to prove something, get to the depths of their thinking, and then ponder. If we find something that we do not quite accept, we must build a scientific argument to combat it and, in case we get a response that scientifically proves our mistake, we accept their theory as true until a new doubt is found by us, until we can present that in the shape of a scientific argument. Until we can do so, we accept such a theory as the truth. 

I. M. R. Pinheiro has produced a scientific proof, perhaps the first in human history that is based on almost mathematical arguments, of the existence of the human soul. She also proved that both Leibniz's and Godel's popular proofs of God (as found in popular vehicles) contained fallacies. She was then able to build her own proof of God, which ends up stating that God is at least knowledge.

All this wealth is found in the book On Religion, which can currently be acquired through Amazon.com. 

We need to always study what we consider to be the most refined proof of existence of something to be able to oppose the existence of that something in a scientific manner, so that every member of The Empire is advised to read this book before stating either that the human soul is not a reality or that the biblical God is omnipotent/omniscient. 

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