Friday, 2 October 2015

What Cannot Be Part of The Empire

The video below is a recorded debate. This debate was ran by the North Alabama University. See:

The problems with the debate are plenty, but, amongst those, we mention: Their arguments ARE NOT based on Logic or Science. At a certain stage, they are discussing what God did and did not say. 

Quite sincerely, at most we have a personal experience with God, so that we cannot (OBVIOUSLY) talk about what God did or did not say if we want to remain inside of Science. 

Unless we can prove to ourselves that there is a common core in all that has been written about the personal experiences with God we know about, so say we determine that that is the Catholic Bible, we cannot defend not even that there is something that God really said. 

The Empire is about Logic, is about Science, and that means that we do not talk about things that are not based on Logic. 

Another really absurd assertion in this video is that Morality is not a logical choice: It is an imposition and it exists exclusively because of the religious texts.

The cave men were monogamist, and they were NATURALLY monogamist, without any book to read from. Most animals are monogamists. That is a law of morality.

Morality is the only thing that can be proven to be logically reasonable, obviously and trivially, or we would not have decided to turn it into our constitution everywhere where democracy has been established. 

Our inner logic tells us to be moral, not any external entity: We definitely choose to defend our parents 99% of the time instead of killing them and, for instance, taking over their assets.

The privilege human beings have is obviously rationality, so that whatever we decide in democracy, and therefore when given a free choice, should be rational. If there is democracy in reality and those choices were in reality free or not is obviously something we can debate over, but, in principle, and this is also based on all interviews of individuals we have access to, human beings are, as for vast majority, moral and that morality does not come from the books: It comes from their nature, their innermost calls.

Kids, if left alone, with even figures of males and females, will naturally form couples, heterosexual couples, as for vast majority. Our nature is moral and that is what even these people, who pretend to act inside of the scientific paradigms, are missing. 

No, it is not OK lying to us: You are either doing Science or you are pushing us to do wrong or think wrongly. Science does not push us to anything. Science simply is. Science is not a torment or an offence, so that mentioning the surname of the person, Butt, is not only out of place, but makes us go to unintended places with our minds and actions. This is not OK, this is not OK, this is not OK (Action Cards, NOT OK). 

Say with The Empire today: This is NOT OK. After you say it, see things as you should. This is OBVIOUSLY not Science. 

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