Sunday, 3 July 2016

Little Clusters of Sovereignty

To build a perfect society, we must guarantee that all members have a fair go. Such has not been possible in capitalist, communist, socialist, and any of our other types of societies so far apart from the societies we had before Christ.

From our own experience, the experience of our parents, the experience of our beloved ones, the reported experiences of strangers, and the news, we infer that, since Christ, everyone who does right at all times, perhaps following the example of Mother Theresa, the story that it is not between us and humans, but between us and God, ends up injured to maximum degree almost all the time.

It was pretty sad watching the lions eating the Christians even when that happened in our imagination: Christ should have come and saved them. We expected that to happen.

We cannot get convinced that carrying a Rosary at all times and praying when the lion is coming over us will make us save our bodies and lives from the lion, can we?

Faith removes mountains is a good sentence, with a lot of effect, but so is who are we gonna call? Ghostbusters! We personally love this track.

We ourselves have escaped the unbelievable for having God in us and for us, either represented by human kind or in direct spiritual connection with our being. Notwithstanding, we don’t think we would volunteer for any experiment of the type Pay to See. One could say that God works only in genuine situations of danger, not in situations that have been put together as a means to challenge Him.

We suffer atrocities ourselves since the end of 2001 and we find it hard to explain any of it due to our righteousness levels. God promised us His kingdom, best life as possible in this world, best and top rewards, etc., never punishment: If we follow His guidelines, then we should be the happiest, the most fortunate, the leader, etc.

There are curses in the Catholic Bible, but those appear as a derivation of our sins and they always gave the person who is under punishment a choice that seems to have been totally free: If they repent, pray, dress in rags, and humiliate themselves before God, that all seems to be what they want when they do that. The consequences would be that, after a long time doing that, so say twenty years, God’s blessings would come back to them, so say that they never lost a swimming competition, then they would be in that situation again as soon as God forgives them.

The curses never seem to include slavery or criminal actions coming from other humans, if we consider what we see in the Catholic Bible.

We go through unbelievable crimes, all created and ran by humans, since the end of 2001. They all seem to be absolutely unprovoked and gratuitous, on top of close to cruelest or cruelest. The injustice involved in all is shocking. We always had the protection of God against crimes, we reckon, and one could then say that the curses started at the moment we lost that protection. We have not updated The Bible since Christ, but, according to the New Christianity, we could never have kept on going without doing that.

We don’t really know if losing protection against crime could be part of a curse that comes from God, but it seems reasonable to infer that it could. If we at least updated The Bible as we should... .

It is not because God punishes us with unreasonable penalties at least sometimes, since our sin would have been, for instance, breaching a voluntary promise we made to Him when we did not see any alternative, and it would be almost impossible to imagine a person who would, that we cannot try to find ways out of His punishment in the future.

In thinking about all that, we took note of recipes that seem to work under any regimen and situation, apart from very few. These recipes seem to be what we need to actually guarantee our earthly success to maximum, and having them has to be a requirement for us to claim that a philosophical movement is good. One of these recipes is that we must create our little clusters or gangs or support groups.

Most of the time, we lose our best opportunities for not having needed information in our hands or for feeling like sharing something with someone else and not having who to trust for that purpose or even for needing services/favors and not having people who are capable of serving us to the height that we need.

All these situations can be avoided with the system Little Clusters of Sovereignty: We form special groups of human assets trade where we will trade favors that matter, so say a long-term loan with no interest for advice on how to succeed in a certain profession. It is important that each member of the group respects the rules and does their duty toward others. It is important that no member be harmful to any of the others.

The laws and official systems plus servants may not be enough to guarantee our welfare, but, if we escape The Machine, the official system, what is connected to the official brainwashing we suffer, sometimes since little, and create our own little State, we can finally be to the side of best chances.

In the end of 2001, Dr. Pinheiro could have saved everything in her existence if she had a true partner and he went with her to speak to a certain professor in order for them to get her academic position. In not having a true partner, she ended up seeking the services of a woman, another professor, one that had a personal relationship with the mentioned professor,  without having her as a member of her Little Cluster of Sovereignty, just counting on common sense, empathy, and passion for justice. It all worked in the opposite direction to all she needed. If she had a Little Cluster of Sovereignty, she would know the skills each member had, and therefore she would have been able to borrow those for her special problem, just because in each cluster we owe help to each other. She would then credit their help in a way that a debit would appear in her personal notebook, which would be kept in the files of her Little Cluster. Dr. Pinheiro’s life and the life of thousands of people, actually at least hundreds of thousands, would have been saved in this way, believe it or not. A lot that matters on earth would ALSO have been saved in this way.

We all need a support system, and the smaller this system is, the easier managing and keeping it reliable will be. It is easy to imagine this huge mathematical graph, full of Starant Graphs, describing our current human system, and it is also easy to see how fragile reliability is inside of it once we manage to do that. The Little Clusters are not only a miniaturization of The State: They are its viable version.

The Empire does not have an emperor in each cluster: Each cluster works as a single member instead. It is like a set of teams that work as one, and, instead of competing, they supplement each other.

You will be able to read about real-life examples that endorse the Little Clusters of Sovereignty in a book in the near future. As said before, The Empire is based on knowledge, information, and a lot of research/Science. The Bible is ALSO about practical examples and that is how we should learn The Ways of The Lord. 




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