Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Leave the Party!

Leave shows one of the most difficult situations a person may face in life: Having to abandon people they feel emotionally connected to because of their moral, spiritual, and life choices. The Empire totally agrees with the person who made this video and message: Leave the party and never come back either to the party or to speaking to those people who were there doing drugs. Things will aggravate if you pretend not to care. Of course, they may also aggravate if you care too much. Be careful. Make sure you yourself don't do drugs somehow. The guy talks about pretending to do them and pass them ahead. That might be a strategy for that moment, since they sometimes attack the person who looks like they may denounce them to the authorities, but you must then really stop speaking to those people forever after that. This is not something you can play with: It is about your health, your future, etc. People who do drugs do not have any concern with your well being because they don't have any concern with their own well being. They are used to anything and everything, and, if they are not yet like that, they will later on be. The Empire defends conscious choices, so that every second you can be present, you should be in that way. Drugs is withdrawing, as they say: You are withdrawing from yourself, from the others, and from all that matters. The Empire wants to make sure that you are yourself all the time, if possible, that you command your own life and body, nobody else, and that therefore you are happy paying for your mistakes and, more importantly, you can see those. A person under the influence has legal excuse to practice certain acts because it is understood that they could not have the discernment required in certain situations. The Empire does not want you to be excused: The Empire wants you to be alert, conscious, and responsible for all you do. Human rights, human life, human effort, and human assets are to be respected to an extreme. If you kill somebody, that is irreversible. If you chop their arm, that is irreversible. If you rape them, that is irreversible. Even though you could be legally excused to practice one of those in part or in full, given your state, it is impossible to return all to the moment before the destruction, and The Empire does believe in duty of care: We are in this world to take care of each other. We are in this world to try to keep whatever is human human, and therefore with human rights, all of them. The Empire does not believe we have the rights to destroy third party property intentionally and criminally, regardless of that being the car or the arm of someone else. We must be alert and conscious at all times, so that we make sure that does not happen. Happiness is in being healthy, not in escaping reality. The people you think you are connected to up to that point actually connect to nobody, for they do not connect not even to themselves. In fact, they do drugs to withdraw from the responsibility of knowing themselves, of connecting to their inner self. Adults do not withdraw: Adults stand and fight. 




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