Sunday, 8 January 2017

Abortion, Scientology, and The Empire

Leaving tells us that Scientology has forced a few women to have abortions. That should, once more, be illegal. The Empire does not force people to have abortions, but people will have to leave The Church if they have kids without having a proper home to give them, since we demand that the person asks our authorization to procreate. Our decisions are based on the principles of The State, so that we worry about what interests human race as a whole or Our People. We don't believe the individual is capable enough to decide on their own about these matters, since everyone may be seeing things from a biased point of view, but they may also forget important things, such as money for the college. The  Empire won't chase people as if we were authority for law and order, since that is also crime. The Empire will not enter people's homes against their will unless there is certainty of the law being breached, say in case we need to save someone else. The Empire will not take away people's assets, and that does include material they bought from Our Church. We will not destroy their memories either: pictures, movies, etc. The Empire is in favor of Science and is made from it, so that we appreciate different points of view. The Empire has rules, however: People must communicate in a decent or acceptable manner, so that the language the lady has used in this video is not acceptable, like we are not allowed to curse. Any arguments that involve cursing won't be listened to. As another point, it is mentioned that Tom Cruise has periods of sexual abstinence. If the man is sexually healthy, he should fulfil his main obligation in sexual partnership, which is of sexually satisfying his woman. This is a valid reason for the woman to split having to pay nothing to The Church or the partner and with certainty that she will get compensated instead. 




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