Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Deaths and Scientology

Homicide tells us that people have died because Scientology forced them to drop their medication. This is something we will never do in The Empire: We do respect Science in all its nuances. Medicine is part of Science. We do believe in the current methods of approval of medication, but, in any hypothesis, we definitely do not know enough about Medicine and the human body to tell anyone to drop the medication that doctors have prescribed to them. Perhaps we can alert people to some piece of news about a certain medication, but we will not tell them to stop doing their medical treatments. They decide their lives in those regards. If anything, we will do the opposite job: Advise them to consult a specialist and get something for their problem. The Empire is Science. 

If God tells us something, so say that the medication they are taking is harmful to them, we will gladly pass the message to them, but who decides on whether they stop taking it or not is them. 




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