Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Cook is Fired, Also Punished by Scientology: She Cannot See Her Mother

Food shows that a certain cook, female, was fired for serving bad prawns to TC. Is that right? Yes, it is right. Bad seafood can kill. Good chefs do have to stress about that to maximum degree. If you are to be paid in Hollywoodian dollars, you'd better never commit such mistakes, definitely expected. People do sue even when they are miserable because of these things. 

What is not right is that she was not allowed to see her mother, I reckon. The mother should probably be her first point of help when such a thing happens, is it not? I now think that they thought that the lady could then take on the trade involving the flowers. Shame that by exposing her face like that people would be reticent when buying from her. We must notice here that what we are saying about the mother does not imply that the mother should really be included in our members' existence, but people usually rely on them for help in such a situation. A member of our Church should rely on us, members, instead. 

Punishment because a person did wrong at work? Punishment applied by the Church? Wouldn't being fired be punishment enough? Not having good referral? 

Did God punish us when we did wrong at work? Not so sure. Not so sure. I could only find passages in The Bible as to say God blessed those who basically worked hard. Working hard does not necessarily imply having a good performance, as we know. As Dr. Lea Maria always said, we do our best not to blame ourselves in the end if something goes wrong. We always do our best: At most, we had no talent for the thing or we did not know enough, things like that. 

We tend to think that churches need to be supportive of the person, so that when the person commits a mistake at work, we expect the Church to help them not to commit that mistake again. We tend to think that mistakes are not intentional, that almost everyone would like to be an ace in what they do, even because that does give less work. I was able to finish 4 PhDs in record time, less than six months, one after the other (2000-2003), and I then had much more enjoyment of life than everyone else around me. I was always much happier. When you work using Logic, you work less and you get more rewarded. I do think I got a lot of lessons in that direction from Dr. Lea Maria: All is Logic. As Dr. Lea Maria used to say, the person who thinks they are saving when they do a lousy job will probably have to redo that same job several times, so that if you put that all together, the resources they saved when doing a lousy job were spent next time, when they had to redo it. They will then have spent way more than that in the end, so that the result will be negative to their side. Had they employed five minutes more or ten thousand more the first time, they would not have to redo anything. The result is that they may get a prize for being really good at what they do, they worked less, and they will get more for their work. Doing things right is just logical and therefore wanted and expected. 

As for the luxury involved in Miscavige's food: Really? We see what we would see in any beach in Brazil in this video. That does look primitive, very simple: Oysters in their natural, prawns as if nothing has been done to make them look or taste good. Our definition of luxury is very different from the definition of the person who speaks in this video. It is actually shocking to see how TC is simple most of the time in all that he dresses, in all his behavior, and even, if this video is considered, in all he eats. One wonders how he copes with having so much money. The Empire then defends that he gives away a large portion of what he has got to those who can improve this world and race, such as scientists or academics. The Empire defends Logic, and therefore it is against waste of all sorts. A person who eats what we see in the video when having the money of TC does not really need half of it, quite sincerely. A person who is as fat as the colonel from KFC does not need half of the food that they eat either. The Empire defends bodies that are functional, and therefore do not carry obesity, since obesity is a sigmatoid that refers to medically harmful weight. Miserable people tend to be fat for psychological, psychiatric, and monetary plus accessibility reasons. Whoever is accepted in The Empire will eat healthy sooner or later: The Empire is your mother, your father, your sister, your brother, your mate, and your fellow. The Empire is a true community. Eating healthy does include the factors emphasized by Dr. Lea Maria: aspect, odour, and taste. Some researchers defend only nutritional value, but that is equivocated: We are a complex, and as a complex we should be regarded. All matters indeed. I, for instance, do not feel like eating that much, and do not feel as much pleasure if I have to watch things being cooked or if I have to cook them. Eating for me was never pleasant, just a necessity. It is sometimes less painful. The Empire aims at pleasure to maximum degree within the boundaries of Logic. Pleasure feeds the soul, pleasure is a promise of the god of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, Our God. 




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