Sunday, 8 January 2017

Judgement and Progress

TC brings a video about an interview with Tom Cruise. The Empire works with human and inhuman material: We study all that we can study in order to progress as much as we can progress. One thing that really matters to us is Christian Acts. Tom Cruise, in this video, and they say he is the next Scientology leader, so that he is a person of interest to us, says that he took people out of drugs. That is, for sure, a Christian Act. You can learn more about those by watching New Christianity  

At the same time, Tom Cruise is having an anti-The Empire Act, which is not telling in public the reason for his split. Members of Our Church would have to accept subjecting themselves to public judgement and criticism because we are here to learn. Our Church, just like Scientology, is actually interested in who did what and why there is disagreement where there should be love. Notice that disagreement is also part of love, so that we are not referring to any disagreement, only to that disagreement that caused the split. The member is not allowed to come back to the same relationship they had in the past. They must always split and find someone else, since it is not possible to fix what was once considered unfixable by both of you. The Empire has a principle called Detachment. That is very important: there is time to flirt, time to date, time to engage, and there is time to disengage. We don't look back: Past experiences are used to evolve and never commit that mistake again. If both concluded, and, in Our Church, that would mean that they really thought about all for a long time, that they cannot stick together, then that is it. Those were two adults deciding in freedom what is best for them. We are not in this world to injure people, so that if the other felt hurt, we must learn how not to do the same things again. This is so that the next person is not equally hurt. We must also find ways to fix the soul of the other, even if it is by finding them a better match. The injured person will usually feel much better if that to injure can be the person to give them a new love. That helps the other heal and shows regret, what is a desired feeling in Our Church when mistakes of this order are committed. 

Our Church celebrates engagements and disengagements, for a disengagement means that members are once more single, and therefore hold an empty slot to offer to someone else. New birth, new life, new all. Starts are beautiful things, said Sir Xmas. We celebrate all. It is important finding The One, the perfect match, so that we must not waste time: We must split as soon as we realize the mistake, and as quickly as possible engage again. Life is indeed short. 

After Our Church judges, whoever committed the mistake, and that might be both, will be punished with a time without having anyone else in their intimacy. And that is only one of the penalties. The penalty is applied because the entire Church feels injured with the split: We were psychologically prepared to think of both as a forever couple. The couple has injured us all by splitting. Both owe The Church and still owe each other in the amounts we determine during the investigative procedures or judgement. 




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