Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Masturbation and Scientology: Not So Bad?

As said on the previous blog post, we would like Our Church to be a sister church to Scientology. Masturbation brings reports on how they deal with the issue Masturbation. They seem to agree with The Bible. The argument we see is that Hubbard stated that masturbation incited pictures. What he probably meant was imagining scenes with other people. That is probably not good for the person who appears in the scene you imagine, spiritually speaking: That must bring some trouble to them, unwanted trouble. Once more, I had orgasms on my own watching scenes, and those scenes involved nobody I knew. I also did not connect to the scenes, just to the feelings involved, expression of emotions, etc. In this case, I do think that was not masturbation also in the sense of Hubbard. I did not touch myself and I did not see any scenes in my own head. The scientologists seem to take their Church very seriously. We have seen something about these auditing sessions in a movie with De Niro (Meet the Parents). The power given to the auditor is really impressive. One could say it is the replacement of the figure of God, and God here would refer to the same god we see in the Catholic Church. We won't be charging fines for what people do in their intimacy, but that could have some effect on discipline. Telling our sins in front of others is like admitting to being an alcoholic in front of others: It can only help heal. In protestant churches people usually do that spontaneously. I went through auditing sessions when trying to join a particular denomination in Brazil once. A female friend called Jennifer, American, did that to me, so that she was my auditor. I had never told those things to anyone else and they did have to do with sex. My impression was that Jennifer was a bit of a lesbian, to be sincere. I did not think that helped me with anything, even because I did realize my mistake and only did those things once, each one of them. I do think that a strong mind, as I think mine is, a mind that was shaped mostly by Dr. Lea Maria in what is foundations, is all: We really need to make sure we make our minds strong. Orgasms are extremely important for those who are healthy: They really make even a biological difference, like our bodies feel healthier. Some use toys to get there. Some use masturbation. Others, like me, use images. Masturbation seems to be something we all agree, Catholics, Scientologists, and The Empire: It is harmful. The problem is what exactly is masturbation? We decide that toys, touching ourselves, and rubbing against something is masturbating. If the orgasm comes without doing any of those things, we must study it from a social and biological, also psychological and psychiatric, perspective. Oh, well, from as many perspectives as possible. We must study all through Science, so that we should be establishing a group inside of Our Church to perform professional research on all these items. We will then see our conclusions. Just like it is with normal research, and even because we will definitely demand that all is done in the same way, things change, get updated, etc. It is OK until we prove it isn't in a way that the majority of Our Church believes it isn't. Please understand that whenever a member of The Empire has a partner, it is expected that all their sexual necessities are satisfied, just like we see in The Bible, so that this issue, masturbation, shouldn't ever be a concern for those. Masturbation is an issue that could appear, under the rules of Our Church, only when a member does not have a partner. 

In normal society, what means outside of the churches, we have decided, whenever democracy was in place, that people should pay fines and be confined, on top of doing community work and other things, whenever they do wrong. Wrong is taken to be whatever is against the law and when studied under the perspective of a court remains something that is considered wrong. Scientology is then agreeing with the vast majority of us, humans, when applying these systems: rules and fines. Would that be the best system? Pavlov believed in conditioning. We believe in skills, training, development of conscience, acquisition of knowledge, and things like that. More than anything else, The Empire believes in Rationality and Reason. Most of the people on earth end up getting used to fines if they get them frequently, and, as expected, they will, at that stage, lose their value as a tool to discipline them. Conscience, once rationality is implanted in the individual's mind, will always be increased, so that this is the system that will never fail. If something happens to the brain of the individual, then we don't have what to say yet, not enough research, but, if the individual has a healthy brain, this is the infallible system. We must train our members in the ways of Logic. Logic is realistically all that matters. 




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