Sunday, 8 January 2017

Scientology and Us, Spirit

Sciento tells us that Scientology actually believes in the human soul, in other words, for what would this essence be? That is great! So far, we also do. Psychology and Psychiatry call that psyche. We are now working on having a complete model of the human psyche. Hitting people should not be acceptable and it is also a civil crime. The Empire loves the law, since that is the most logical thing wherever there is democracy and capitalism, wherever they sign for human rights. 

According to the video we mention here, Scientology seems to have a military structure. We adopt a governmental structure instead. We would not put anyone to adore animals or anything else apart from the god of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, Our Lord. Without discussing any of what is alleged that Scientology or its current leader does in their Church, since whatever is alleged in the video may or may not be true, we see that they think that the person who reached the highest levels of evolution on earth may decide on whether they die or not, and that is seen as discarding their bodies. That is an interesting way of referring to all. They mention exact length of life, what was also interesting. They also treat the death of the leader as a common topic, and we see the lawyer giving satisfaction to all  members about what they actually have done. 

Death of members should be of the interest of everyone in the Church. The life of the person should be an example to others, just like in The Bible, so that everything matters. Ghandi said that we do first, then we advise others to do the same. We are the example, we are the way. Even if there were no soul, the essence of the person would still exist, since it could be preserved by books, pictures, reports, etc. We must be grateful and nobody should be more important than our sexual partner, who is expected to be the love of our life, our best and only friend, etc. In this case, we should leave part of our wealth to them when we pass away. It is assumed that we built with them or motivated also by their support, since otherwise they would not be our partner, not in our Church. Once a person is introduced to us as the partner of our member, we assume that is a true partner, so that they are also assuming public obligations with the other that they have introduced to us as a partner. One of them is caring for them after our death in the best way we can. God intended that we existed by the couples, just like we see in Noah's Arch: As the Asian culture says, one completes the other, Yin and Yang. They actually sell some balls that produce sounds, come in couples, and the intentions may as well be that if you shake them they produce supplementary sounds. We do notice that men and women are different in their bodies. The most mentioned difference is the genitalia, and that is also the best example of supplement we have in terms of organic matters. The sigmatoid woman is supposed to mean out of man, and, at the same time, the men come out of the women, so that we do have a wonderful match there. We have x and y chromosomes and women get the x whilst the men get the y. Our mathematical equations reflect that well: Men depend on women. Women usually have a more gifted brain, since it has got fewer neurons but does the same job, something like a more modern car. Men usually have a more gifted body: stronger muscles, more endurance, etc. We become more and more merged as we have more and more sex, but also as we converse more and more, as we do things together more and more, as we learn about the other more and more. Introducing a partner to The Church is telling The Church that you are now busy in your intimacy, dedicating all your free time to basically merge with the other creature, to basically become one with them. Some couples end up literally dressing colors that match without thinking about it. The colors may be supplementary, in case you value your head more, or equal in case you value your body more. The value you give to those items, body and head, is probably the value they have for your Outer World as well, but, in case it is not, you need to work more on the three spheres and our teachings, you need to become more assertive




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