Friday, 6 January 2017

Whatever You Do

Whatever you do, do it at your own expense, following the rules of where you are as closely as possible.

Whatever you achieve, achieve with merit to please God, not only human kind.

Whatever you are proud of, that it be because you really earned it.

Whatever you do for acting with disloyalty will bring something against you either in this life or in another, either in this world or in another, and, in any hypothesis, will make you look less elegant. 

Never injure others with intentions: That if you injure somebody, that be because you did not notice it was going to happen. 

Be the first to care, the first to offer help, the first to have a noble gesture, and the last one to give up on being the kindest. 

The first to do these things might eventually be the last, but at least they will be smiling: They did what was right. 

These things you do to deserve human life. We must be grateful to God for giving us so many wonderful things, and those start with our hands, feet, legs, face, body, genitalia, names, documents, and so on. God is the one who let the other human beings exist here, in this world, with us, so that He wants us to celebrate human life with them and therefore show our gratitude by being kindest. 




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