Friday, 10 February 2017

What Must not Be

Judge brings a sad portrait in all senses: This man has kids with a woman, met another during rehab, and then swapped her for yet another one after only three weeks. During the three weeks this man lived with the second woman, he gave her losses that amount to more than 4K in terms of what can easily be computed. We observe that he wears earrings on both ears. Yet a man once told me that that means straight and gay at the same time. That is obviously a sort of code to tell other men what he is, since women seem to be completely unaware of the meaning of such earrings. In this case, it can only be bisexual and homosexual, is it not? Well, it could also be does man-to-man or does man-to-man-and-woman, is it not? One side of the body is one thing, the other side of the body is another, told me this man who seemed to love me. Oh, well, if he has kids with a woman, lives with another, etc., he seems to be pretending to be completely heterosexual, so that he is doing what zillions of men do every day: They take the rewards that society gives exclusively to heterosexual men and avoid being known by others as anything else, but, in their intimacy, they, for instance, let their women down, sexually speaking, whilst they are getting sexually satisfied in an alternative way, which includes sexual acts. That is horribly selfish, first of all. Second it has to be a sin, since, even though we do not read satisfy your woman, sexually speaking from the commandments, we read that from The Bible: That one must fully satisfy the other in sexual terms when it comes to couples, and also that none can have any intimacy with anyone else. As the judge says very well, he does not pay Child Support. Child Support has been created as an alternative to conscience: If men pay that, they remember they have kids. The Empire forbids its followers from procreating without authorization. The authorization comes from The Emperors, and means that it is a good idea, for society, that that person procreates in the way they intend. Every child has the right to be born in a loving home, with both father and mother; in a home where people have enough amount of discernment and knowledge, where there is enough wealth to guarantee their upbringing, etc. The baby does not have a choice. The teenager does not have a choice. Because of that, we must act responsibly as a society. One person should never have sex with another if their intentions are not developing love, eternal love, since sex is otherwise filthy. For God, what matters is our heart, how clean our body is, the house of our spirit, etc. God is interested in our acts being Christian Acts, and we learn the definition of Christian Acts from watching New Christianity: Sex will only be divine if it really involves love, and love is respect: Respect for the feelings of the other, for the body of the other, for the home of the other, etc. There is no love if there is no respect. There may be respect without there being love however. This man could be homosexual, bisexual, and have sex with women, date women, etc. It is just that he would have to disclose his sexual choices or behavior before he starts conversing with a woman with intentions to have sex, date, etc. We must not do to others what we don't wish upon ourselves and disloyalty is a bad thing in any setup. God's people do speak the truth, and do not have any act of disloyalty, apart from those they cannot immediately identify as disloyalty, which will be part of their apprenticeship perhaps thanks to their fellows in faith. The judge in this video demands that the man respect his ex-partner, who is now suing him, by making him agree with his current partner getting out of the court, since the ex-partner still has feelings for him. This is a situation of highest conflict for those who practice our philosophy, since the current partner should be seen as one with the person. The ex-partner would however feel psychologically weaker with their presence at the court. That has to be true. That the money was given to him but he could have paid. That he paid for nothing whilst living with the ex-partner. Can a man do that? Pay for nothing? Yes, for sure: The Empire does accept this sort of situation, since there is no way out, but, ideally, both members of the couple should be socially productive, since we all owe society, we all owe this world, we all owe God, and the only way to pay back is realistically working. Everyone must work to help our kind, and the minimum thing we all do for each other here is tolerating the presence of the other, giving them space, etc. If the individual has a job, are they obliged to contribute to their home expenses? Of course. It is also the case that if they don't have a job, as in formal employment, they should be doing what women traditionally did when the situation was inverted: They should find ways to do something for their partners that matters, so say cooking, cleaning, ironing, sewing, giving them massage, entertaining them, etc. Intimate Relationships must also be made of friendship, mateship, etc., so that our partner must always feel that we are their mate, their friend, etc. In this case, one helps the other, one supports the other, etc. The Empire, as said before, studies real-life cases, as The Bible does: We show real-life to our followers, and we then analyse things to get the largest amount of spiritual progress for our persons. Is it acceptable that the man is prosecuted, the judge calls him bump, etc.? A judge could not call him a bump in a court, no: That is not professional or ethical enough. It is acceptable that he is prosecuted, for sure: Not everything can be solved without a third party. Even if all members of The Empire were considered to be reasonable people, we would have situations with the rest of the world, since we work with them, to the least, and we then could need to use courts and things like that. Because of the theory of the Basic Gap, there would always be a few members of The Empire who would not be reasonable, however: Even if it is a person who is just starting to learn the principles involved. 




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