Monday, 13 March 2017

Father, Mother, Kids, and Work

As previously said, in The Empire we try to do what God's people seemed to do in the beginning, and that includes observing things, questioning, debating, and from there deciding what is best. 

Please watch Mother

What do you think before I say anything?

I would expect you to say that this man was under the obligation of turning his attention to his kids at that very moment, for instance.

The problems of South Korea could some day be more important than his own family and showing minimum amount of love, cordiality, and empathy when in public, but it is probably not the case. We would have to notice that his man is definitely married to that woman, the woman who enters the room soon after the mess created by the kids is established. Husbands do have obligations that are undeniable. One of them is definitely putting his wife and kids above everyone else. 

Lots of times reporters had incidents, and some were even fatal to the side of the reporter. Incidents are expected, and the person should always have, in their minds, a contingency plan, like just in case.

The Empire cannot accept a father that does not turn his head when his kids have stormed in: The kids might be in trouble, there might be a disaster that has just started even inside of his own house, etc. Even because of issues that relate to safety and security he was obliged to stop transmitting and pay some attention to his kids. 

Had he done that, whoever that were watching would have nothing but respect for him, since they would have watched a man who knows his duties. Watching him treating his kid as if it were an object, however, tells us that he is a machine, not a person. In this case, we owe him the same respect we have with the printers, and that basically means that if he breaks, we will replace him with no loss. 

Incredible is also the amount of subjugation of his wife: She basically tries not to appear in the show whilst discretely collecting the kids, discretely but in the speed of light. That is evidence to the side of this man hating women: They are inferior and as such should be treated. Not even for a moment does he say this is my wife blah-blah (her name), and these are my kids, for instance. Yet, in this case, we can say that doing that was a matter of etiquette: We suffer the aggression, since we have something abrupt and unexpected happening, but we do not get the calming factor. We really miss an explanation, not just apologies. It is like a movie without sound or subtitles. This man should be told to do some reading to increase his empathy with others. Also to learn more about the expectation of others and his duties as a father, as a husband, and as a member of a civilised society. Really sad. 




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