Friday, 5 January 2018


In the Empire of God, we take responsibility for the actions of our Church: We would fight with all our forces to never be responsible for someone's impairment, disablement, suffering, loss or death. Religions are in this world to help people, not to destroy them. We are a genuine religion. Lisa McPherson, according to the video that follows, was killed by Scientology. As we know, this is not an isolated case. 

We are a sister-Church, but we reject Dianetics, the rejection of medicine and Psychiatry, and the use of the E-meters, which would have to be classified as medical equipment, since they make electricity pass inside of our bodies in an artificial way with the purpose of measuring brain activity. That is something that compares to CT scans of the brain or EEGs, and therefore to medical equipment. The Church of Scientology DOES NOT have a license to practice medicine, and therefore could never use E-meters on anyone. Medicine does not approve this device and has probably not studied it. The Empire of God believes human Science, human laws, and common sense, and therefore the professionals inside of Academia and their work. We converse with them, we work with them, and we prove our points through Science and its ways. We would not dare denying the knowledge of specialists who spent even their entire lives studying our bodies and their interactions with this world, the environment, and so on. Human kind has incredible findings in medicine, findings that make us not die from flu, tuberculosis or AIDS. We have to respect and praise human effort, not nullify it with sigmatoids or actions that be not of the same nature (papers, scientific studies, and so on). We created systems that we believe are best, and we did that together, so that it does not make sense rejecting them, going back in time, to the time we did not have those, isolating ourselves from the established world, and do whatever we like. Our learning proves that that is not worth it: deaths, disease, problems, and so on. We cannot deny scientific evidence. We cannot simply thrash away human effort. The Empire praises human labour instead: Whatever humans built with their hands will be defended by us to the last drop, to the limit of our possibilities, that is, we will only reject that if we get really believe that it is harmful or stupid. That means the majority got convinced. We do the opposite to Scientology. As the gossiper says, what proof do we have that Tom Cruise knows something about the history of Psychiatry? We do know a lot about it, however, and we still believe its findings, as for vast majority. 




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