Saturday, 7 April 2018

Level 2: Working on Detachment

Level 2, for you to remember more easily: L2
You will be writing plays, and therefore utilising theatre, to detach from suppressive people (SPs) and unwanted memories. You will follow the stages you see on Psychology one by one. When you finish those, you will have produced a dialogue involving you (expected) and the people who most create conflict in your existence without noticing. What will give you freedom is excluding yourself from the scene later on: After you finish writing, assessing, and perfecting the scene, you will keep the scene somewhere, and will write a new one, where you are not part, but you still have the same situation, same people involved. You will then understand why, first of all, you should never have been in it. The image we want you to get in your mind is closing doors and leaving that all behind forever (it would be useful reading M. R. Pinheiro's poem on her relative's house, where she says that the best is closing doors to never come back, here, but it is in Portuguese, it has been published by Litteris Editora, and we could not get hold of it in time, so perhaps in the future it will be here), as if departing this world and life and going after another dimension, so say God. It is as if the more times you close those doors, the closer you are to God. Freedom lies also in describing the person as a theatre character. We don't immediately realise, but the sigmatoid character entered theatre with its original meaning, like it is really about morality, about moral descriptions. Again, you will not realise as you do it, but it will become clear to you when you go over it a second and a third time: Try to describe the people involved to maximum detail that you could grasp, so exact height, weight, hair colour, nails, body posture, psyche, and all else. One word that can help is persona; One term is Human Persona: Try to describe the person as a Human Persona. The more sketches you write, the more you will free yourself, that is, the more your three spheres will approach perfect alignment. 




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